The School of Thought Consciousnes

The Way Life Should Be

Barbara Cook-Ashby

Barbara Cook-Ashby has life changes that brings her back to what she left behind in retirement to incorporate the wholeness and begin again this time in the form of a hobby. 

The School of Thought Consciousness of Naples comes to Southern Maine. Semi-retired Barbara remains here for months at a time and as beautiful as it is and her hometown it was not long before missing her life was causing a deficit. The sudden loss of her new husband an older and wonderful relationship they shared was reducing value more each day. Now 2 years later Barbara begins a new avenue of living, and it gathers all the beauty and goodness from the past and it surfaces as Intentional Medicine SW Fl. where people know the work and appreciates the time and we make a better place on the planet because we know that we know, we know and act in that and the world changes before us, for us. 

Barbara says my previous work created a results junkie of me and the excitement now in the past I desire again. People recovering from these health problems are phenomenal but today after marinating in the past I see Barbara claims that what, had determined the renewal was that in changing one's mind about sickness was as important as the methods they chose to steer their ill-health to health again. The MIND. 

Intentional Medicine of Southwest Florida evolves as our new School of Thought Consciousness comes to Southern Maine. 

I'm bored in retirement and have a begun a few new {businesses} hobbies that suits another purpose as I gain momentum and make change that serve my desires to continue helping people maneuver through the ruts. 

After all the wonderful recoveries and physical and mental balance that my work brought the one thing that registered as extremely beneficial was that when I began teaching about the mind and the consciousness mental relaxation replaced fears.

We are very well aware in the new millennium that fears are the base of many illnesses and as the emotional overload persists and can create dis-ease in one which cause a physicality. 

As we progress forward, I will add many articles and proofs that say the same thing as we learn more, we become more an in your life you will be the one who comes to help. Because as you learn an easier simpler way to your own self-health you will share with others, and we will win together.