Intentional Medicine

The Way Life Should Be


                               Intentional Medicine is of You for You. 

 If this is the first day of the rest of your life a phrase, that has been repeated over the decades then can we begin to act in what we say that we know?                                           Shall we act in the way of which we have learned and say that indeed we know?  If you say you know all the time then, I say prove it. 

                                                 Not For Sissies 

In this, we at Intentional Medicine of Southwest Florida are creating a fun place for me, Barbara Cook-Ashby to learn to play. After twenty-five years of living it and loving it I makes a hobby of what I know and what has been achieved by knowing.                                        

At the School of Thought I share the intellectual finds as life rolls on one year into another prospering me further and easier in ushering in our future best good.         

In the Science of Light Medicine, the biology shows Light in the body increases cellular conductivity and wellness resumes.

When we add another faucet of health, the mind of allowing, we give ourselves permission to continue wellness when told we will be sick over riding that concept for our own, bringing in expected results as the science claims as, Jesus claimed when He said, "act as if it already were".

I enjoy sharing the ways as they have been shared with me, I share too, and we start to focus on what can be rather than what the profiters of ill-health bring. 

                              This will be a space for me to write and share ... I hope that you'll enjoy what comes ...