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                 AGE REVERSAL


                   Intentional Medicine of Southwest Florida Introduces                   the School of Thought Consciousness of Southern Maine 



Barbara Cook-Ashby

  Speaker, Lecturer and Pioneer in Light Medicine  

Age Reversal 

Barbara at 70 years reports that aging is not a requirement of growing older.   


  Where: Wallingford Farms Event Room

     When: Sunday Sept 24th   4-7 p m        

 Let's Talk     

Intimate seating for Purposeful Learning  $95.00 pp


      Wallingford Farm offers a beautiful, fall setting and

                       a woodstove fire on a cool day adding perfection to your experience.





           Barbara Cook-Ashby Providing Another View of Life at 70 


              To live a high vibrational life. To live aware that the unknown is a treasure trove of                                                                                    Possibilities. 


               Intentional Medicine is what we have within us that nourishes the soul-self in cellular ways that effects consciousness effecting decisions and the ability to act in what you know. When you know that, you know, that you know, we can begin. 


                                   Topics of Discussions

                                             Age Reversal 

1.Water is your medicine Is yours alive or dead, is your water assisting in cellular strength or are       you drowning in it? Let's fix that. 

2. Age Reversal - aging does not stop but it can be reversed.

3. Cultivate Your Thinking. Change living to loving. Are we not to love all things? Be Loved

4.Thought Language If our thoughts create what are you thinking? What are you getting?


    Barbara's New Book of Remembrances, Remember to Remember on display for easy                                                                   digestion for loving one's self.




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