The School of Thought Consciousnes

Audio Therapy $95.00 a two-part session

After the understanding and the learning comes personal assistance. Not for everyone but for those who do choose there is more. When you understand that you have always been in charge, the fun begins. 

                              It's Your Life and your assisted in it as you allow.

This is not a physic thing however, blessed in light yes, indeed, but the messages are addressed for best good of all involved. It's a Profound knowing that enhances growth.

The day comes and you'll have your own internal growth leaving you more aware of who you are. Leaving your own good footsteps for others to follow and to share a better life with.                     

                                  Assistance is available there's a path.


What is Audio Therapy? 


               "if You don't want to be enlightened don't stand so close".

                         As it is said, it is in the silence that you will hear. 


At this time in history when man requires conscious thought more than ever, an alignment with source would seem most important to us as individuals in an uncertain world.                      

                                 We are born alone, and we return alone.

We may however gather to help and assist and to love and to be loved while we are here doing life. We appreciate and learn from others but much of our internal worth and why we are here has escaped many. 

The Audio learning / therapy is a recorded message after a conversation with you about concerns or questions and the source connection comes from your source connection your guidance and in this you become aware that indeed you are loved by the Master and have been all along. Opening the heart and eyes as you feel the love that's been missing in this different and inherent way.

This charge is $95.00 and the heart and love that comes with it is free. It is a phone call and then a personalized recording sent via email for future benefit.

I have a lot of wonderful information provided over decades of living in the light experiencing its truth. Discovering as it is revealed that indeed the Christ is Right, and I need to say this. 

Jesus died at 33 and if He had not what are the many wonderful things that could have been recorded in time beyond His 33 years? 


SEE MY Radio show soon to be reestablished. I took a two-year sabbatical after the loss of my new husband, and I am just now getting my footing on new earth.

The Christ is Right ... Not For Sissies.

After his sudden death I used everything I have been taught and that I teach to climb back in place and with room to grow. Here I go, the last quarter. 

                             Join me as we all grow.... together there is a lot to unravel. 

         Voice America World Talk Radio         U-Tube search -The Sacral Compass  

              The Christ Is Right                             Barbara Cook 001                                                          with Barbara Cook 

                 NOT FOR SISSIES








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