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Age Reversal

                                             The Schol of Thought Consciousness

Age Reversal different from anti-aging is what we acquire as we choose life's diffraction over its acceptance and being told what life is. 

We do not stop aging but it apears it can be reversed and even slowed. 

Your mind is all there is after all. What are you telling it each day?

Change your whole existence by cultivating your thoughts. 


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                                            The School of Thought is us.

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  It's a glass of wine a day say some centurions. While to others it's the pure food and water, yet there are others who have none of this and are happy, healthy and viral with stamina in the countries that modernization has not seen. 

After many years observing the many decades of people growing and thriving, in my research for happiness. I find that it comes along in flow with youthfulness as one looks outside of themselves too often, they may see the falseness all around them that accumulated slowly until one wonders who are now and what they themselves actually think








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