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The Way Life Should Be

At Intentional Medicine, medicine in the Websters dictionary back when facts remained facts said, the word Medicine meant to assist in a healing. 

At Intentional Medicine of Southwest Florida, I enjoy sharing with the ones who find themselves in my company. I enjoy offering many examples of how to be well, think better to become better. Ways to discover easier pathways that have an intended purpose for us. A way where the footsteps light up before you as we decide change is good when one can think in the way that provides nourishing outcomes. 

In this we stubbled into The School of Thought Consciousness and from there The Sacral Compass as smaller groups who advanced wanted a place to practice knowing what they now know. Then the Spiritual Cafe' for those who are wondering and have wandered into my classes. I love you all each of you I honor in where you are, thank you for being you. 

Pics to follow ....