Common Sense and Other Questions

  This is a thought that was in my mind over the decades as I have witnessed aging some more rapid and or less than others. I observe the world and sit as it spins and learn to lean back if I wanted to enjoy the goodness and be away from the crisis, dramas and conditions unlike me. 

I opt out and observe from the places that I am planted. I ignore information that does not apply to me yet inspire others to act if it involves them. I tune out prescription commercials and all negatives that social media offers unless so inspired myself. 

  Queston: Why do people wrinkle... this, as a child I thought just because one gets old it should not mean they have to crumble as well, animals do not.

             {or did not before chemical foods were introduced roughly 25 years ago}


                   To the point I believe that people wrinkle because they shrink.... 


                   How does one correct that you ask  ? FOLLOW ALONG we will get there as we discuss more in classes about a rejuvenation process. {NO CHEMICALS} 

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